Ali Baba’s cave
For over 75 years the Field School site was the home of the Townsend company, an outfitter for ships in the Port of Montréal. So 214 Place D’Youville is a real “Ali Baba’s cave,” holding treasures from all over the world.
Seven periods of occupation
The site has seen seven main periods of occupation, including the days of Callière’s residence and Fort Ville-Marie. Take a look at our photos, animated clips and maps to learn more about the birthplace of Montréal.
Birthplace of Montréal
At 214 Place D’Youville, in Old Montréal, is the birthplace of Montréal, where major digs have been going on since 2002. To visit the dig site, just follow the guide…
Urban memory
Why was Montréal founded on this spot? How has our city’s birthplace been preserved in urban memory? Each generation has added its own touch to Montréal’s birthplace. Some “touches” have been heavier than others! The Archaeological Field School team is attempting to retrace the history of this site, with the help of remains left in the ground down through the years. Their discoveries, assumptions and questions will lead to a better understanding of Montréal’s past. The site they are exploring is unique, as Pointe-à-Callière archaeologist Jean-Guy Brossard explains.
A unique opportunity
Being offered a chance to explore the birthplace of Montréal is a definite privilege. Just imagine how excited the dig team members must have been…